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Rediscover Turn-Based strategy

Noara: The Conspiracy revisits the turn-based strategy games and offers a unique experience in an original Heroic-fantasy universe.

From a brand new genre called MOCA, for Multiplayer Online Chess Arena, and thanks to a unique mechanic, Noara offers you the possibility to play in real time during the opponent’s turn!

Indeed, even during the defensive phase you will be fully involved!
You will have to use tactics but also speed of execution to best counter your opponent’s strategy in order to win.

Play during your opponent's turn

The time when you had to endure the enemy’s assault without doing anything is over!
Noara gives you the ability to heal, dodge, block, stun, or even counter-attack… All during your defensive turn!

In short, you will never be idle in a turn-based game again!

Build your army

Build your army by selecting 6 units, from the 21 currently available, equip them with items and test their potential on the battlefield.

With experience, some compositions will allow spectacular combos, so do not hesitate one second and try all of our units in order to find the ones that will best suit your playstyle.


The «Bloody Khinas» mode will first be available in 1v1. Its 2v2 version will also offer a unique gaming experience, since you can play in real time with your ally!

Choose your brother-in-arms, develop a strategy, plan and coordinate your attacks as best you can to make a name for yourself on the Lands of Noara and try to reach the prestigious rank of « Warlord ».

The world of noara

Noara is a vast Heroic-fantasy universe that extends far beyond the video game.

Perhaps you already know the Kragh clans, but in reality they are far more clans in the Land of Noara. Noara is also a novel, and if you want to know more, we invite you to immerse yourself in the first volume entitled “Noara – The Last Moon”.


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